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The Queen's Gambit [Soundtrack]
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Carlos Rafael Rivera

The Queen's Gambit [Soundtrack]

LPx2, Mondo Records

Colored Vinyl

A1 Main Title
A2 Beth's Story
A3 Methuen Home For Children
A4 The Scholar's Mate
A5 You're Gloating
A6 Training With Mr Schaibel
A7 Am I Good Enough Now?
A8 Playing Mr Ganz
A9 Ceiling Games
B1 First Day at School
B2 The Green Pills
B3 Kentucky State Championship 1963
B4 Top Boards
B5 Playing Townes
B6 Playing Beltik
B7 The Lake - Cincinnati 1963
B8 Playing Benny - Las Vegas 1966
B9 Two Sides of the Same Coin
C1 Mexico City Invitational 1966
C2 Playing Girev I
C3 Playing Girev II
C4 Borgov I
C5 Beth Alone Ohio US Championship 1967
C6 New York
C7 Training With Benny
C8 Paris Tournament 1967
C9 Borgov II
C10 Jolene!
D1 Returning to Methuen
D2 Turning Point
D4 Moscow Invitational 1968
D5 Close Your Eyes
D6 Borgov III
D7 The Final Game
D8 Take It, It's Yours
D9 Sygrayem (Let's Play)
D10 I Can't Remember Love

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