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There's Hope Behind the Ghost: Vol 1.

Kill Verona

There's Hope Behind the Ghost: Vol 1.

Sky Valley Records  -  [7''] (Blue, Green, OR Red Vinyl, limited to 750, indie-retail exclusive) 

Kill Verona was formed in December of 1999 under the name Little League, by Vocalist Wes Lieberher and Guitarist Paul Butterly. Rafael Henin joined in 2001 to play Bass and shortly after the band changed their name to Kill Verona after being served a Cease and Desist order from Little League Baseball. Kill Verona have played with the likes of Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, The Movie Life, Thursday, Coheed and Cambria, Good Charlotte, Samiam, Grade, Strike Anywhere, Glassjaw, Recover,
the list goes on. Kill Verona were a precursor for Philly area bands such as Title Fight. Kill Verona most recently played The This Is Hardcore 2017 festival.
After numerous reunion shows over the past decade, Kill Verona has finally and officially reunited with Lieberher, Butterly, Henin and new members Chris Margarite on drums and Jon Hunt (The Hate Holiday, No Roses) on rhythm guitar. In 2017, they are set to record their first album in 13 years, ''There's Hope Behind the Ghost'' for Sky Valley Records and are going to hit as many stages as they can in the process.

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