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  • POSR on Titan Radio!

    POSR on Titan Radio!

    POSR PODCAST from Craftwork Design Co. on Vimeo.

    Port of Sound Record Shoppe's owner, Greg Meyer, sheds some light on the origins of our Costa Mesa, CA store in this well put together interview by Katherine Phan of Titan Radio. He later gives us insight into his earlier life and how he has grown within the music industry. 

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  • Meet The Staff!!

    Meet The Staff!!

    Meet our staff, we love them most of the time. Our staff makes sure all our stock is updated, our social media is on point and our store is looking good. They are here to help you out in any way they can, if you're in costa mesa stop by our brick and mortar shop and chat them up! Might be surprised on what you learn!   Meet Thomas 1. I’m 25, born in Denmark, but primarily grew up in Orange County.2. I guess I could call myself Port of Sounds night shift manager. I’m generally in charge of keeping...

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  • Pro-ject Debut Carbon review (video)

    Pro-ject Debut Carbon review (video)

    Looking to Upgrade your turntable or just get into the groove of things? We found this great reveiw on youtube about our best seller the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC turntable! Scott Newnam at audio advice put this together, check out their channel they've got some great advice for anyone interested in vinyl and turn tables!! This item is avilable on our web store in our "Turntable" section in an array of colors.  Pair this turntable with audio engine 5+ powered speakers and any one of our pro-ject pre amps for the perfect sound system.. Makes a great gift ( Jus...

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  • Björk "Vulnicura" Review by Jake Ingalls

    Björk "Vulnicura" Review by Jake Ingalls

    Music inspired by a break-up is nothing new. Usually this music is just the result of the artist trying to express how they feel at a moment in time, that period of sadness directly following the end of a relationship; This is not true of Vulnicura. Instead of focusing on a single period, Bjork uses this album to chronologically document the entire break-up process. Album opener, “Stonemilker”, takes place 9 months before the separation, when Bjork is beginning to notice the connection with her partner starting to close. As the album cover depicts, she is an “open-chested” individual who never...

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