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  • Changes they are coming!!

    Changes they are coming!!

    New hours! ! !

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  • Sorta Spooky H'ween Party Jams.

    Sorta Spooky H'ween Party Jams.

    Here's a list of random albums we think would  be SIIIQQQ at a H'ween party. This list also works for last min spooky dinner parties, spooky Weddings, spooky Birthdays, spooky Awkward co worker shindigs??? It's really a cure all.      1. Pulp Fiction LP  2. Sun O))) - Black one 3. Shlohmo - Dark Red  4. Black Sabbath S/T because if you're not head banging you ain't livin.   5. RITUAL HOWLS - Rendered Armor 6. Grails - Doomsdayers Holiday 7. CreepShow 2 - LES REED & RICK WAKEMAN 8. COVEN - Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls 10. The crow sound...

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  • Staff Top 5 of 2020

    Staff Top 5 of 2020

    As the year ends we'd like to high light some of our favs! Our staff whom you all see during the week and while shopping for those fantastic jams. Below are our picks some of the albums got us thru lock downs, testing, retesting and tons and tons of anxiety... plus emails and orders! Thank you for sticking with us!! We love you! If you haven't heard some of these, get on Spotify for our top 5 2020 playlist!  Thomas (Buyer/turntable audio specialist) Loma "Don't Shy Away'Run The Jewels " RTJ4"Ulver "Flowers of Evil"Special Interest "Passion of"Destroyer "Have We Met"...

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  • The Decade in vinyl.

    The Decade in vinyl.

    It's been a decade to remember! In music we saw stars rise and fall, genres invented and reinvented and the rise of women i.e Solange, Sza, Phoebe Bridgers ) the list could go one, across all the land with Beyonce being crowd the queen. The decade saw old gods like Nick Cave and X come back to life bringing with them new Music and reaffirmations of their greatness.

    Port of sound prides it's self on bringing all music to the shop making it accessible and hopefully broadening the horizons for many. Below you'll find our Lovable staffs carefully chosen picks of the decade some with memories attached others with just a blurb to coax you into them, regardless, we hope you find something new here and as always come by the shop and let us know what you think! 

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