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Banana Jamz 2
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Josh Willis

Banana Jamz 2

Cartridge Thunder, 2 x Vinyl, LP, Red with Yellow Swirl colored vinyl

A1 K. Rool Returns 0:52
A2 Welcome To Crocodile Isle 1:20
A3 Klomp's Romp 2:34
A4 Lockjaw's Saga 2:07
A5 Jib Jig 2:16
A6 Swanky's Swing 1:12
A7 Snakey Chantey 1:45
A8 Bayou Boogie 1:52
A9 School House Harmony 1:47
B10 Forest Interlude 3:49
B11 Funky The Main Monkey 1:19
B12 Flight Of The Zinger 2:36
B13 Cranky's Conga 1:22
B14 Hot-Head Bop 2:15
B15 Run, Rambi! Run! 0:54
B16 Token Tango 1:20
B17 Stickerbrush Symphony 4:24
C18 Bad Bird Rag 1:09
C19 Disco Train 3:07
C20 Boss Bassanova 1:16
C21 Steel Drum Rhumba 1:11
C22 Krook's March 2:11
C23 Klubba's Reveille 1:16
C24 Haunted Chase 2:30
C25 In A Snow Bound Land 3:26
D26 Lost World Anthem 1:45
D27 Primal Rave 1:57
D28 Crocodile Cacophany 1:37
D29 Mining Melancholy 3:47
D30 Donkey Kong Rescued 2:12
D31 Game Over 0:23

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