Metaphorical Music


Metaphorical Music


Hydeout Productions - 2xLP black vinyl.  Gatefold Japanese import, gatefold, limited



Nujabes, who passed away in a car accident in Feb 2010, mainly released vinyl singles.  This ''Metaphorical Music'' was his first album in which he put much effort to complete. Up until now, it has been a beloved masterpiece and also a core of Nujabes and Hydeout Productions.

It includes ''Letter From Yokosuka'' the first produced song by Uyama Hiroto, who had been working with Nujabes and his best friend. ''F.I.L.O'' was born from a golden collaboration with rapper Shing02 who was featured on the classic hip hop masterpiece ''Luv(sic).'' ''A Day By Atmosphere Supreme'' is a heart-warming instrumental tune recently covered by Emancipator on his tribute album ''Modal Soul Classics II.'' Nujabes’ remix version of ''Latitude'' features hip hop group Five Deez, from Cincinnati, who had been a professional and personal friend of Nujabes. ''Blessing It (Remix)'' features MC Substantial & Pase Rock who had established the foundations of Hydeout with Nujabes. ''Lady Brown'' features Cise Star. On ''Kumomi'' he put his childhood memories and beautiful sceneries from his memories into sounds. ''The Final View'' is a beautiful and fleeting track expressing the aesthetic sense that dwells in the Japanese spirit.  Also, there are other classic tunes which can be said to have determined his presence felt into this historical masterpiece.


The first chapter of imaginary scenery music from Nujabes' short, but heartwarming life and soul, is now released on vinyl.



Track List


A1 Blessing It (Remix) feat. Pase Rock and Substantial 3:23

A2 Horn In The Middle 4:08

A3 Lady Brown feat. Cise Star 3:18

A4 Kumomi 3:53

B1 Highs 2 Lows feat Cise Star 4:38

B2 Beat Laments The World 4:22

B3 Letter From Yokosuka 3:10

B4 Think Different feat. Substantial 3:17

C1 A Day By Atmosphere Supreme 3:59

C2 Next View 4:35

C3 Latitude (Remix) feat. Five Deez 3:56

C4 F.I.L.O. feat. Shing02 3:31

D1 Summer Gypsy 4:19

D2 The Final View 3:35

D3 Peaceland 8:19

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