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Pulse of the Early Brain [Switched on Vol 5]
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Pulse of the Early Brain [Switched on Vol 5]

LPx3, Warp Records

includes Download card

A1 Stereolab / Nurse With Wound– Simple Headphone Mind
B1 Stereolab / Nurse With Wound– Trippin' With The Birds
C1 Stereolab– Low Fi
C2 Stereolab– [Varoom!]
C3 Stereolab– Laisser-Faire
D1 Stereolab– Elektro [He Held The World In His Iron Grip]
D2 Stereolab– Robot Riot
D3 Stereolab– Spool Of Collusion
D4 Stereolab– Symbolic Logic Of Now!
D5 Stereolab– Forensic Itch
D6 Stereolab– Ronco Symphony [Demo]
E1 Stereolab– ABC
E2 Stereolab– Magne-Music
E3 Stereolab– Blaue Milch
E4 Stereolab– Yes Sir! I Can Moogie
E5 Stereolab– Plastic Mile [Original Version]
F1 Stereolab– Refractions In The Plastic Pulse [Feebate Mix]
F2 Stereolab– Unity Purity Occasional
F3 Stereolab– The Nth Degrees
F4 Stereolab– XXXOOO
F5 Stereolab– Cybele's Reverie [Live At The Hollywood Bowl]

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